11th edition
NPL Europe
VIRTUAL  |  3-4 March 2021

There seems no doubt now that a huge wave of pandemic loan defaults will appear late in 2021 and continue through into mid-2022. The ECB has forecasted NPL stocks could rise to a worst-case scenario of €1.4tn, representing an enormous challenge for the Banks and a significant opportunity for Investors, Servicers, Advisors and Technology companies.

SmithNovak’s 11th NPL EUROPE conference is Europe’s leading event for the European Non-Performing Loans market featuring the most active companies operating in this booming market. Contact us NOW to get involved.


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This event will take place as a full virtual conference and is much more than a simple Zoom-type webinar.

As a registered delegate, you will have access to an App which will allow you to securely and efficiently view all sessions and network with business partners around Europe.

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Meetings Scheduler

Use a personal calendar to list your meetings, the sessions you wish to view and the times you are available to meet, all in one place!


Since access to the Conference App will be available for around 10 days, you will be able to network and view content for more than the 2 live days of the conference.


As a Sponsor, you have an option to design online pages and upload various offers, videos and reports to engage with potential new business partners.


Connect, chat and arrange meetings with key market players and potential new business partners. This is a highly efficient and economical way of making new connections!

Attendees include
Robert Sinclair
CarVal Investors
Giorgio Tito Baroero
UniCredit Bank
Santiago de Lafuente
Fabio Longo
Bain Capital
Eliseo Laguna Martin
Anirban Ghosh
Paulo Merino
CPP Investments
Constantinos Vossikas
National Bankof Greece
Silvia Couret
Paolo Pellegrini
Cerved Credit Management
Natalia Joubrina
Hugo Ladeira
Novo Banco
and many more..
This event in 2020
In 2020, this event attracted more than 300 delegates from 150 companies and including major international Funds, Banks, Servicers and Advisors.
“Thanks to SmithNovak for organising the NPL Europe 2020 conference and to everyone I had the pleasure to meet there. The presentations and panels were very valuable for me, and the audience was great during the discussion I was involved in! See you at the next conference!”
Maximilian Portenlänger
Bankhaus von der Heydt
“SmithNovak’s NPL Europe Summit offered a full overview of the European Distressed Debt market, along with presenting ample networking opportunities.”
Alejandro Lucero de Pablo
“It was a pleasure to participate in the event. Both the networking and the content were extremely useful.”
Marko Lazarevic
“NPL Europe was a great occasion to meet with some of the most relevant players in the NPL market and to continue discussions on opportunities in Spain and Portugal.”
Ferran Foix Miralles
Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados
About SmithNovak Distressed Debt Summits
SmithNovak is a known and trusted partner to the global Distressed Debt market organising more than thirty industry-specific summits since 2014 and attracting more than 5000 delegates from 1000 companies around the globe. Currently we run two flagship events in London as well as regional summits in Madrid, Milan, Prague and Athens.
Programme Topics
For full programme details, please write to us HERE to request a brochure. This event features 12 sessions taking place over the course of two days focussing on some of the hottest and newest markets in Europe.
Some of our regular clients
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£950 GBP per person


To buy places for this event, you can choose between a simple Bank Transfer and payment by Credit Card using PayPal (see details).

Note: all Bookings made during the last 14 days prior to the event must be paid immediately by credit card using PayPal. If any payments have not been received prior to the Event, admission will be refused.

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