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Archeiothiki SA, a Greek company founded in 2006, is a trusted partner to more than 300 organizations from all economic sectors, including Banks, Insurance Companies, major industrial clients, healthcare providers, public sector, etc. With more than 320 employees and 8 office blocks, the company has run over the years a dynamic and successful course in the field of Management and Storage of physical and electronic files, as well as in the digitization / extraction of data from physical and electronic documents. This way, Archeiothiki facilitates the path to digitization by streamlining client processes, offering easy access to their data.

Archeiothiki actively demonstrates its commitment to innovation by establishing a constantly growing R&D team, with particular focus in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) using and the most advanced AI techniques. With continuous research and investment, the R&D team ensures that the latest available tech is always used to ensure optimal results and maximum document processing performance. Thus, clients no longer need to worry about demanding, labor-intensive document processes that often conceal unforeseen costs and risks.

Moreover, through long-lasting partnerships with international organizations such as Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) and ELO, Archeiothiki is able to provide cutting-edge Information Management Technology, offering customizations and support in Greek language.

Last, but certainly not least, Archeiothiki, knowing importance of keeping clients’ sensitive data safe, pays particular attention to data protection. Consequently, the company heavily invests to ensure that the most advanced security measures are employed to safeguard clients’ data, in line with international best practices, in both physical (paper) and electronic format.

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Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates is a market leader in Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring law.

Our extremely well-qualified and experienced lawyers, finance experts and business consultants have the all-round knowledge required to offer sound integrated solutions and advice both in the spheres of Commercial, Civil, Corporate and Criminal law and in relation to business issues.

Our clients include major banks, leading construction and commercial concerns, energy companies, clothing and furniture manufacturers, shipbuilders, investment groups, craft businesses, and a number of investors and funds with a Greek presence.

As the first law firm in Greece to successfully submit and ratify a rehabilitation agreement, S. Sotiriadis & Associates laid the cornerstone for all debt restructuring in Greece over the last decade. In the light of this unique expertise, lawyers and legal firms regularly entrust their clients to us in cases pertaining to our areas of specialisation.

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The Federal Association of Loan Purchase and Servicing (‘Bundesvereinigung Kreditankauf und Servicing’ or BKS) is based in Berlin and represents the interests of buyers, servicers and various other specialised investors involved in the purchase and servicing of non-performing loans (NPL) from credit originators in Germany since 2007.

Our goal is to develop market standards and best practices for the transfer, trade and management of non-performing loans. We offer several platforms that promote the exchange of ideas and experiences. We also host conferences, roundtables and training events on a regular basis and have established several working groups on specific topics. We are doing research on the German NPL market and we share our findings in printed as well as in digital publications several times a year.

At the same time, we enhance our industry’s reputation through effective self-regulation and by developing and maintaining corporate governance rules and ethical guidelines for dealing with debtors.

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