Covid Arrangements at this event

Our number one priority is the safety of all attendees at this event. This includes all delegates, sponsors, suppliers, hotel staff and of course, our own team.

To achieve this, and in compliance with guidelines and legislation imposed by the relevant authorities in Madrid, we have compiled the following list of measures to be taken;

Responsible attendance
Whilst current legislation in Madrid currently prohibits us from demanding evidence of a health pass before allowing access to the venue, we strongly advise all delegates should only attend if they are fully vaccinated or have received a negative test result just prior to the event. Please note, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time prior to the event in line with any changes to local health regulations.
The wearing of masks will be obligatory at all times (except of course when eating or drinking).
Physical distancing
Where possible, it is recommended to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres at all times from other attendees. As such, We strongly recommend that all physical contact and particularly, hand-shaking is avoided at all times.
The hotel will operate an intense programme of cleaning throughout the day at the venue and of course, will provide sanitizer stations throughout the venue.
Walkways and space
In liaison with the hotel, we will evaluate access though the venue and the distribution of space in order to maximize social distancing particularly in relation to the formation of queues and other groupings of attendees.
E-tickets and prior registration
All attendees will need to have registered via our online booking service prior to the event. We will not accept new bookings at the venue, in order to avoid unnecessary queues and paperwork.
Control of the number of attendees
Individual room capacity at the venue will be controlled in accordance with any guidelines and legislation current at the time of the event. Once you have selected your seat in the main conference room, you will be asked to use this throughout the entire day, without moving to another seat.
Measures will be implemented to ensure adequate ventilation of the venue throughout the day. These will include the use of ventilators, the air-conditioning system and the opening of windows before the event starts and during breaks.
Current legislation limits the capacity of bathrooms to one person per 4m2, or 50% of normal capacity, respecting social distancing restrictions.
Lunch in the hotel restaurant and coffee breaks
Guidelines will be followed in respect of; room capacity restrictions, maximum numbers per table, distancing, queueing, use of masks, bar-service, auto-service, etc.
Limitation of printed materials
Almost all the information attendees will require in relation to the event will be made available in electronic format in our Conference App. Badges will be provided in an optimally secure and hygienic manner. All brochures and other materials provided by Sponsors will be handled only by authorized members of the Sponsor’s team from initial storage to display and handing-over to attendees by request.

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