Debt Management Technology Partner

With more than 25 years of experience, offices in 7 countries and over 300 corporate customers in 34 countries, Relational’s strategy strongly supports its expansion to international markets.

Relational develops IT solutions in the areas of Loan Origination, Debt Management, Business Process Management, Data Integration, Data Management, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, and Business Service Management.

Relational focuses on software novelty, enabling customers to only focus on digital customer-centric activities.

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Transactions Platform Partner

Debitos is the leading European NPL transactions platform, established in Frankfurt in 2010 by Timur Peters, its current CEO. Debitos has transacted over 770,000 loans in more than 16 countries with more than 1,500 registered investors.

Through an auction-based online transaction platform, banks, corporates and funds can sell their debts (loans, claims & real estates) to specialized investors.

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With 1,000 experts and over 400 clients, Prometeia is a leading provider of consulting services and software solutions focused on Risk, Wealth & Performance Management. Since the ‘90s, the company’s activities have focused increasingly on the integration of research, analysis, consultancy and software development. This mix of services has made Prometeia a leading European company in Risk and Wealth management solutions, business consulting and advisory services for institutional investors.

In addition, the company offers Data Science solutions, supporting banks and insurers in the digital transformation through the enhancement of internal and external data and the adoption of Big Data and Data Science methodologies. Our combination of tech proposition, quantitative advisory, training and proprietary economic research makes our business model unparalleled in today’s market.

The production of highly specialized software applications leverages leading technologies, the knowledge of subject matter experts and the ability to successfully respond to the growing demands of regulation. Specifically, Prometeia's solutions support the management and optimization of NPL exposures, by organizing and coordinating the necessary actions required to reduce potential losses, including the tracking of all soft and hard collection initiatives taken by the bank.

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BCMGlobal is a leading European independent loan and asset management service provider. We are part of Link Group, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

We have multijurisdictional expertise with operations in Italy, Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands, supporting multiple debt classes across the loan lifecycle.

Our administrative services enable our clients to manage their debt and underlying assets to achieve the best possible outcome. Our long-standing strategic partners across Europe trust us to deliver world-class technology, minimise regulatory burden and improve recovery.

Our dedicated team in Italy provides end-to-end services across the full loan lifecycle. We support our clients from the origination of non-performing, unlikely-to-pay and leasing loan portfolios, through to the proactive workout, with a focus on the management of real estate collaterals within them.

Our dedicated real estate team specialises in auction facilitation, asset management of repossessed real estate properties by REOCO vehicles, and broker coordination for their optimal sale.

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KRUK Group is a financial player whose core business is the management of debt (both owned and outsourced by our Business Partners) in three segments: consumer (unsecured), mortgage-backed and SME/Corporate (both secured and unsecured), resulted from various economical areas: banking, insurance, leasing, telecommunication, cable TV, digital platform, utility and FMCG.

KRUK Group is a leader in the Central European market and holds recent presence in new countries in Western Europe as well. Currently, we are covering the following markets: 

  • Poland: market leader with 18 years of track record;
  • Romania: leader of the debt purchase market with 9 years of track record;
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia: successful launch of operations in 2011, currently holding a strong position on the debt purchase markets;
  • Germany: successful launch of operations in 2014, first NPL transaction completed in 2015;
  • Italy: successful launch of operations in 2015, with significant investments in unsecured NPL portfolios, as well as acquisition of an operational platform.
  • Spain: successful launch of operations in 2015, with an active presence in the NPL purchasing segment of unsecured receivables.

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Standard Sponsors

Founded in 2006, Abbrevia offers excellent added-value services in the investigative domain with specific focus on the quality and accuracy of the information whilst it continues to evolve from a technological point of view.

Abbrevia is divided into two business operations respectively involved in Commercial Information and Credit Checks, and in corporate, private and defensive investigations.

The third business unit is involved in Research and Development, focussing on both responding to, as well as anticipating market demands.

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Qualco is a leading international fintech covering all aspects of debt portfolio management.

We have over 20 years’ experience helping key players across various industries adapt to a rapidly changing debt landscape driven by economic, regulatory, and behavioural considerations at both global and local levels.

Our technology comprises enterprise class, highly scalable, end-to-end systems and helps our 70 clients in over 30 countries manage, automate and streamline their collections and recoveries operations.

We make sense of organisations’ portfolio data by bringing predictive insights to their operations and we’re investing in machine learning to constantly improve our offerings.

Our clients benefit not only from Qualco’s systems and expertise, but also our wider group of companies, including successful independent loan servicing companies and a master servicer.

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BEST S.A. is one of the largest companies in the debt collection industry in Poland. The company is the parent of the BEST Capital Group, which actively invests in non-performing debt portfolios in Poland and Italy. In servicing debt portfolios we cooperate with banks, lending companies, telecommunication operators, power supply companies, and other mass service providers. We strive to be the leaders of digital transformation in our industry. Advanced technology is our means to focus on customers'‚Äč needs and achieve operational excellence.

The company was established in 1994 as a hire purchase provider and credit products distributor. It is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1997. In 2002 BEST S.A. underwent an operational and financial reorganisation, ceasing its credit intermediation activities, and focusing instead on debt collection and debt portfolio management.
In 2005 BEST S.A. established one of the first securitisation funds in the market, followed in 2007 by the establishment of an investment funds management company - BEST TFI S.A.

In 2010 BEST S.A., as the first player in the Polish market, obtained a licence of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) to manage assets of securitisation funds.

BEST S.A. Italian operations were set up in 2017 followed by a purchase of several NPL portfolios from financial institutions.

The company's strategy is based on three basic values: Knowledge, Ethics and Effectiveness.

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Recognyte have combined years of real estate knowledge alongside cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and large scale data collection, to reshape the landscape of property portfolio management, with its suite of SaaS products. As a spin-off of Resolute Asset Management, Recognyte is developing market-leading AI-driven analytic platforms, with its aim being to transform real estate finance through continuous, technological innovation.

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Link Finanziaria is one of Italy’s most trusted servicers and purchasers of consumer and business credit.

Established in 2006, our scale, professionalism and expertise have persuaded many of Italy’s leading banks, financial institutions and alternative providers of credit to use our services.

Through our Group’s European platform – which spans nine countries – we manage more than 4.5 million customer accounts and over €50 billion of receivables.

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Phoenix Asset Management (“PAM”) is an Italian (115 registered) asset manager and direct special servicer, focused predominantly on the management of secured and unsecured non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios.

The company is providing pre and post-acquisition support to local and International investors purchasing Italian NPL pools, as well as certain ancillary functions including in-house legal support, single name DPO negotiations, sourcing and new purchases, and specific real-estate linked project financing and debt restructuring transactions.

PAM currently has €9.5bln of GBV under management (9 different portfolios). Circa €8.5bln is managed internally and €1bln under er master servicing/oversight role of third party external Servicers; PAM has also conducted diligence for NPL acquisitions in excess of €10bln of GBV.

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Associate Sponsors

Intralinks® Holdings, Inc. is a leading global technology provider of secure content collaboration solutions supporting NPL transactions.

For 20 years Intralinks has been serving the debt capital markets community with one of the most widely used loan platforms for deal and document management.
Intralinks provides government agencies, advisors and brokers with the tools they need to streamline the debt divestiture process from pitch to sale. With Intralinks, NPL teams can maximize their proceeds by executing deals faster.

Intralinks is the most trusted Virtual Data Room provider, with a track record of enabling high-stakes transactions valued at $28.1+ trillion.

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Edrasis Group was founded by a group of managers who decided to put together their experiences and their professional know-how to create a reality capable of providing a wide range of services related to the real estate sector.

The company boasts professionals specialized in various fields: Advisory, Agency, Valuation, Due Diligence, Distressed Asset Management and Technical Services on behalf of banks, insurance companies, investment funds, real estate asset management companies, private groups, public and ecclesiastical bodies.

Edrasis Group guarantees ideal solutions for the integrated and coordinated management of processes. What distinguishes the Group is its consolidated experience and specialization in the technical, real estate and financial fields both in Italy and abroad.

The Group boasts more than 7,000 active operators, offers innovative services in the Real Estate panorama and relies on the support of a network of independent real estate entrepreneurs who work in close collaboration with each other, maintaining their identity and operational autonomy.

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Media Partners

CEE Legal Matters is a print and online publication for and about lawyers interested and working in Europe's emerging legal markets. CEE Legal Matters features news, interviews, analysis, opinion, and more. We also host conferences and round-tables and produce special reports on fees, salaries, and other subjects of interest to lawyers in the region. Our mission is, simply, to be the go-to source of information about lawyers and legal markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Because CEE Legal Matters.

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