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We are connected to our country, aware of the role we play in supporting families, entrepreneurs and businesses.

We believe in the strength of relationships; our value is based on the ability to establish lasting relationships fueled by shared growth. Transparency, speed and simplicity are the pillars of our DNA.

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Recognyte is a PropTech company leading the way in combining real estate data, AI-powered analytics, and business productivity tools to create value across the real estate lifecycle for investors, lenders, professional services firms, and insurers.

We enable customers to maximize their real estate investment returns and optimize outcomes by providing data-driven decision-support insights based on our deep resources of market data and other sources.

Our solutions bring together years of real estate and finance expertise from industry professionals and world-class leadership in implementing advanced, pragmatic, and scalable data science-based products.

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Manteia is a fintech consultancy firm, with technologies and services dedicated to the financial market.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, it responds to the need for asset review and credit governance: maximizing the value of reference portfolios.

Being able to provide complete information and data are the drivers of our work: we provide support in all phases of the credit life in order to identify the best strategy for our prospects.

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Founded in 1998, UNIREC is the National Union of Companies for the Protection of Credit. It is a member of Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services and FENCA, the European Federation of National Associations of Debt Collection Companies. It brings together nearly 200 companies, accounting for over 70% of the Italian debt collection market.

UNIREC represents the guarantee of an ethical approach between creditors and consumers through its best practices, including a rigid entry selection, continuous monitoring, the adoption and compliance with a strict disciplinary code. It also promotes service excellence and professional growth through the provision of training courses.

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