Germany, Austria, UK & Ireland
An update
on the North European
NPL market
3 December 2020, 16:00 CET
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Focusing on Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland, and hosted by Intralinks in cooperation with SmithNovak, this webinar takes a look at the NPL markets of selected jurisdictions in the north of Europe.

Representing relatively mature markets, with Ireland and the UK in particular having already passed through an aggressive deleveraging process some years ago, this discussion centres on the likely consequences of the pandemic once debt moratoria and other schemes have expired. Will banks be forced to bring new portfolios to market? What types of assets are under stress? Will we see consolidation in the Banking market? Will we see a doubling or even trebling of GFC-level NPL stocks as reports are now suggesting?

Tom McAleese
Managing Director
Alvarez & Marsal
Oskar von Kretschmann
MD, European Head Illiquid and Distressed Sourcing
Richard Roberts
Head of Origination and Corporate Development
Arrow Global
Boris Hardi
Marwin Ramcke
Managing Director
Ralf Zeitlberger
Senior Adviser, Corporate Workout
Erste Group
Connor O'Donovan
Head of Financial Solutions Group
Panel Discussion Topics
Current & future stocks: what government initiatives have been put in place to assist Lenders and Debtors, when do these expire and by how much is the NPL stock expected to increase?
In the south of Europe, SME, Consumer and Residential loans are expected to heavily default. What asset classes are expected to default in the countries in these regions?
How did the deleveraging process develop in each of these countries pre-Covid and what, if any, changes or developments to strategy are anticipated going forward?
What deal types were adopted in the past in each of these markets and how will this develop going forward in the event that we see more deals in the pipeline?
How sophisticated and developed are each of the markets in terms of know-how, resources and capacity? Having disbanded their Workout Teams some time ago, will the Banks in Ireland and the UK be forced to outsource?

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