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As financial institutions around the world continue to focus on deleveraging their balance sheets, Allen & Overy has been at the forefront of the market, advising both governments, buyers and sellers of NPLs and we are well placed to setup and manage the legal aspects of SPVs for this purpose.

We are considered to be the premier firm across a range of banking and capital markets products and are able to bring together teams from across our leading practices in complementary areas such as funds, regulatory, debt capital markets, derivatives and securitisation to cover every aspect of a proposed transaction.

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Debt Management Technology Partner

Founded in Greece in 1995, Relational FS has grown to become one of the leading international software solutions providers with a footprint in 35 countries within EMEA.

Our headquarters and global R&D team are based in Athens, which is nowadays an international center of excellence for many globally known IT companies. We also have offices in Romania as well as local presences in the UK, Kenya and Dubai.

With a wide range of business class software solutions, we address core industries such as banking, telcos, retail and government sector, and we proudly serve over 300 corporate customers. We deliver Loan Origination, Loan Management and Debt Management solutions through our own i-Apply, LMS and AroTRON products. Our long-lasting partnership with a number of international software vendors such as SAP, Informatica and BMC allows us to also offer Business Service Management, Analytics and Data Governance solutions.

Together with you, we design and implement IT solutions to meet your business needs.

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Specialist Partner

Intrum is the industry-leading provider of credit management services across 24 markets in Europe. By helping companies to get paid and support people with their late payments, Intrum leads the way to a sound economy and plays a critical role in society at large. Intrum has circa 10,000 dedicated professionals who serve around 80,000 companies across Europe. In 2021, revenues amounted to EUR 1.75 billion. Intrum is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and publicly listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

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Globally Connected Investor Partner

The EOS Group is one of the leading technology-driven financial investors and an expert in the processing of outstanding receivables. The company's core business is the purchase of unsecured and secured debt portfolios.

With over 45 years of experience, EOS offers some 20,000 customers in 26 countries around the world smart services for all their receivables management needs. Its focus is on banks and companies from the real estate, telecommunications, energy supply and e-commerce sectors. EOS employs more than 6,800 people and is part of the Otto Group.

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Transactions Platform Partner

Debitos is the leading European NPL transactions platform, established in Frankfurt in 2010 by Timur Peters, its current CEO. Debitos has transacted over 770,000 loans in more than 16 countries with more than 1,500 registered investors.

Through an auction-based online transaction platform, banks, corporates and funds can sell their debts (loans, claims & real estates) to specialized investors.

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Spanish Servicing Partner

Altamira doValue is a leading servicer on the Spanish market, specialized in the credit and real estate management. We make the difference in the servicing market, with innovative solutions for the recovery and anticipatory credit management of our clients, banks and investors, through specialized teams and technology. As part of doValue Group, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, we lead the servicing market in southern Europe, with more than 160,000 million assets under management in five countries; Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

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AHORA Asset Management is an independent real estate boutique servicing company specialized in problematic residential scattered assets (NPLs and REOs). Founded in 2015, AAM has a proven track record managing over 25 portfolios and more than 9,000 residential units. Key to success is the methodology focused on internal mediation with debtors and tenants, preserving and enhancing client´s reputation and ESG principles.

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Servihabitat is the leading servicer on the Spanish market with more than 30 yea

rs of experience. The Company provides advanced portfolio management services on corporate, mortgage and developer credit, as well as on real estate assets along its entire value chain or in a modular way based on the needs of the client or each project. The servicer works as a one-stop shop, in search of excellence whilst being result-oriented. The expert and multi-disciplinary teams focus on offering valuable solutions in a fast and effective way.

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Founded in 2008, Hipoges is one of the leading Asset Management platforms in Southern Europe for distressed assets with over €46 billion of assets under management. We manage a broad spectrum of assets including: residential mortgages, corporate & SME loans, Commercial Real Estate, unsecured loans, government & corporate receivables, and REO portfolios.

The services are provided along the whole investment cycle from due diligence to loan servicing and legal enforcements. With offices in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy and more than 1270 employees, Hipoges is ranked “Above Average” as residential mortgage special servicer and “Average” as CRE special servicer by S&P.

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Servdebt is an independent Iberian NPL and REO Asset Management company with over 15 years of experience.

Our headquarters in Lisbon and our offices in Porto and Madrid are home to our specialized team, whose valuable know-how in the servicing of distressed debt allows us to deliver real-time information to clients, accelerate the decision-making process and maximise the value of their assets.

Servdebt offers extensive expertise in the provision of integrated services for the acquisition and management of distressed loan portfolios and real estate assets. We have been working with leading financial institutions and major international investors, providing the best NPL and REO solutions to guarantee that we deliver an end-to-end service to our clients, from market analysis and advisory services to valuation and asset recovery.

Our committed multidisciplinary team and our investment in technological infrastructures have been the key to our track record of multiple successful projects in what is considered a very challenging and rigid industry.

For the past 15 years, Servdebt has counted on a highly qualified, dynamic, friendly, and multicultural team who have continuously contributed to the company’s long-lasting success, helping us work towards the goal of being an international benchmark in loan servicing and property management, recognized for innovation and excellence in the provision of its services.

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QUALCO offers a wide range of analytics-driven fintech solutions that enable enterprises to effectively manage their customers and assets.

With more than 20 years of proven experience, QUALCO is a leading Fintech solutions provider, enabling clients to realise value through the provision of operational platforms, data insights, digital experiences, and domain knowledge.

More specifically, our technology comprises enterprise-class, highly scalable, end-to-end software solutions and allows our 90+ clients in over 35 countries to automate, streamline and standardise their operations.

Our solutions cover a wide range of needs for Banking, Financial Services, Utilities, and Retail organisations.

More specifically we offer end-to-end technology solutions for:

Data Analytics & AI

Data Analytics & AI solutions aim to automate and streamline every stage of the analytics workflow, from data ingestion to predictive modeling, decision-making and action optimisation. Taking a maximalist view of analytics, Data Analytics & AI solutions encompass: Data provisioning, consolidation and data transformation for descriptive analytics and reporting; Fully automated data preparation and model generation for predictive analytics; Configurable decision-making logic and optimisation mechanisms for prescriptive analytics; Adaptable integration and orchestration mechanisms for operationalising every aspect of analytics.

NPL & Receivables Management

A complete technology ecosystem, offering a holistic approach to credit risk and receivables management. Through combining advanced analytics and Machine Learning with a comprehensive collections system and specialist digital engagement tools, QUALCO’s NPL & Receivables Technology revolutionises the management of non-performing exposures and non-banking receivables, supporting all asset classes, from banking to NPL servicing, retail credit to utilities, consumer, SME, and corporate both secured and unsecured.

Loan Management

QUALCO’s Loan Management solution constitutes an efficient way to manage the loan administration process end-to-end and empower businesses operations across the loan servicing lifecycle. It’s a robust, all-in-one solution, enabling retail banks, alternative lenders, debt purchasers, and loan servicing companies to navigate the changes in the loan servicing sector.

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Deloitte can assist with identifying ways to maximise value from non-core assets through deleveraging, rigorous planning and asset management. Entering the loan portfolio transactions market is a key tool in any deleveraging programme, providing a rapid source of capital raising. Furthermore, regulatory change and market pressures mean that capital optimisation is increasingly critical for financial institutions and the viability of their business models.

We advise holders, sellers and buyers of non-core assets and under performing loan portfolios in deleveraging, portfolio management and investment strategies. Working closely with financial institutions in their capital planning is also core to our business proposition.

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We are a technology company specialized in credit risk management, fraud, marketing solutions and BPO. We help to make optimal decisions thanks to the analysis of large amounts of data that we convert into intelligent information, relying on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We offer advanced services and solutions to streamline asset valuation in the NPL market. Our services for asset portfolios are based on automation of management and customisation of the deliverable.

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Incorporated back in 2007, Finsolutia is a leading Fintech Servicer in Iberia, offering Independent Loan and Real Estate Management services through innovative business processes and disruptive proprietary technology.

With offices in Madrid, Lisbon and Porto, the company employs over 300 highly qualified and experienced professionals that manage assets worth near EUR 5.0Bn.

It was the first to have been rated successfully by Standard & Poors (S&P) for five consecutive years in Spain and the only rated servicer in Portugal. Finsolutia is also a Gold Partner of Microsoft thanks to its R&D practices with MS services and products.

The company has also created specialized business units and brands such as Nolon, the real estate arm and Twinkloo, a mortgage credit broker.

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Uría Menéndez is one of the most prestigious and innovative international law firms offering professional services of the highest quality.

Their capacity for innovation, profound analysis of the law and unwavering respect for deontological ethics have made them one of the leading firms across the Iberian and Latin American markets.

With almost 600 lawyers working in 16 different offices located in the most important financial centres of Europe, the Americas and Asia, they‘re able to fully represent clients across the globe.

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Gescobro Collection Services is a Debt Collection Agency and Debt Portfolios Acquirer leader in the Spanish market, active in the whole debt management cycle both in unsecured and secured debt.

We are part of Cerberus Group, and we count with more than 40 years of experience in the market. Actually, we have almost 600 employees and more than €14.000 million AuM. We are very active on the Asset Sale market, having acquired more than 20 portfolios and €10.500 million of debt, both secured and unsecured, in the last 8 years.

Among our clients we have some of the main banks, financial institutions, servicers, investors and utilities and telco companies in the Spanish market.

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Intralinks, an SS&C company, is a leading financial technology provider for the global dealmaking, alternative investments and capital markets communities.

As pioneers of the virtual data room, our technology enables and secures the flow of information, empowering our customers to work more productively and with complete confidence. Intralinks facilitates strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate lending, debt sales, capital raising and investor reporting. Our solutions enhance these activities by streamlining operations, reducing risk, improving client experiences and increasing visibility.

We’ve earned the trust and business of top Fortune 1000 companies and have executed over $35 trillion in financial transactions on our platform.

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Established in 2005, Prime Yield delivers valuation, research and advisory/consultancy services and has been focusing on the NPL&REO market, specializing in Portugal and Brazil.

Value generation for our clients.

Thinking about the players (buy and sell) who want to be actively involved in the transaction of this type of assets, the company created  the Prime AVM & Analytics, an advanced technological solution that allows NPL’s investors and sellers to have property valuations in a fast, simple and reliable way both for single assets or entire portfolios (RESI or CRE). Prime Yield is regulated by RICS and has REV members at the team.

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A new attitude when offering asset life cycle services

Diglo is the new servicer on the market, born with the ambition of disrupting the sector, thanks to technology and digitization , as well as its closeness and flexibility. Diglo is an expert company in asset and debt management, with a nationwide presence.

The activity of the company consisted of Debt recovery management for all types of clients, Management and sale of real estate assets as well as all complementary services to these two lines of business.

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TARSSO is the law firm for companies, with comprehensive solutions in the legal and real estate fields. Technological innovation and the commitment of our team are keys to a formula that allows us to develop a pioneering model in the market, with a range of services that have never been combined before.

We have a highly specialised and cohesive team, with a solid track record and the ability to seek solutions beyond the conventional.

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Founded in 1994, ANGECO is the non-profit organisation that brings together companies whose corporate purpose is to provide collection management services for unpaid amounts, both amicably and judicially.

The most important national companies dedicated to this activity, the national subsidiaries of the large European multinationals in the sector, as well as the most expert law firms in the field are represented in ANGECO.

ANGECO represents a sector that is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the credit cycle. The fact that Spain is the only country in Europe where there is no specific regulation for this activity, implies the need for self-regulation that actively promotes good practices and ethics in all actions and this is one of ANGECO's main tasks.

ANGECO belongs to the European Federation of National Associations of Debt Recovery Companies (FENCA) and is a full member of CEOE and CEPYME.

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Media Partners

CEE Legal Matters is a print and online publication for and about lawyers interested and working in Europe's emerging legal markets. CEE Legal Matters features news, interviews, analysis, opinion, and more. We also host conferences and round-tables and produce special reports on fees, salaries, and other subjects of interest to lawyers in the region. Our mission is, simply, to be the go-to source of information about lawyers and legal markets in Central and Eastern Europe. Because CEE Legal Matters.

For more information, see: is a digital newspaper specialized in real estate information, with Spanish and English edition. combines all the news of the Spanish and international market, with the best exclusive of the sector and the most rigorous data analysis extracted from our own Big Data tool: Brainsre.

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The European Financial Review is a leading financial intelligence magazine for financial information, business news, analysis and innovation. We help readers grasp the great drivers of change: technology, geopolitics, finance, and sustainability.

To serve decision-makers in the financial industry and beyond, The European Financial Review ensures that you make informed decisions as you develop financial knowledge and is indispensable in helping you and your business stay ahead of the competition.

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Confidencial Imobiliário (Ci) is the only source in Portugal regarding statistics on residential transaction prices. It’s an independent magazine, specialized in producing and publishing residential statistics. It owns a database named SIR that gathers the individual transactions from almost all main RE agents and developers.

Its data is quoted by the ECB, Bank of Portugal and the Bank for International Settlements, and is used by all major banks, both to address supervision rules and to manage NPL portfolios.

Ci also publishes the only statistics about residential rents, allowing investors to estimate implicit yields and support portfolio valuations.

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Since 2009, has been the only means of communication in Spain dedicated specifically to informing on the professional situation of advisers and financial dealers, a sector with a strong growth in our country.

The information on is specifically targeted towards professionals in Family Offices; independent investment advisers, EAFI, financial institution dealers, professionals of agencies and societies of securities, tax consultants and life insurance agents and brokers. monitors and sustains a database of emails, which receive weekly newsletters.

Our readers are Financial Advisors, Managers, Agents, Insurance Agents, Tax Consultants, Bank Managers, Managers of Insurance Companies, Real Estate Consultants, EAFIS and more!

For more information, see: is the only independent communication platform specializing in the FinTech and Insurtech sectors, with the aim to inform the professionals, joint ventures, entrepreneurs, and startups in the industry.

On our site, subscribers can find all of the information, news, and events relevant to the industry.

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